Try and look away from this gross blackhead extraction video

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CHUNGLI, TAIWAN — The internet is rife with gross pimple and blackhead popping videos, but none so horrifying as this ear blackhead extraction from Taiwan.

Business Insider reports that the video was taken at a day spa in Chungli, Taiwan and uploaded to YouTube. A reddit user then posted the nausea-inducing clip to a “popping” subreddit on Tuesday.

The monstrosity featured on the video is a cluster of not one, not two, but five bulging blackheads embedded in some poor woman’s ear. What makes it worse is that they’re all interconnected.

But while seeing the gunk get taken out slowly and surely is well and truly disgusting, it’s hard to look away. What’s clear that a whole bunch of people feel the same way too, since the video has now gotten more than three million views.

Watching the video is mostly trying to figure out how the heck this woman got so much nonsense trapped in her ear, while at the same time being strangely transfixed by all the ick.

Fortunately, the whole eight-and-a-half minute body horror show does pay off when the massive chunk of goo finally gets pulled out. So satisfying!

Though with the parting shot being several gaping holes in the woman’s ear, you’re left to wonder how exactly anyone is supposed to recover from this.


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