The Weeknd – Call Out My Name (Official Audio)

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My Dear Melancholy,
Available now from The Weeknd.

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Bayram Güler says:

The Weeknd Try Me Vertical Video

Sarah Abdat says:

Deep …Great ….The besttt of all the best ❤❤

breeze plays says:

Really love this song

susan Chitsungo says:

I love this song

kiara parker says:

The utter amount of crippling depression when I think about my past. Sigh I listen to this every day just to help get that tear wanting to shed down my face.

Lilit Lilit says:

He has a beautiful voice !!

Jeremiah_t88 says:

2:18 is MY FAVORITE PART! this song is amazing. You can feel his sadness and every emotion.

Miss Right says:

what's going on with selena here o.0

Numb101 dis dude says:

This reminds me of me and my baby❤👅💦😘😍

Aaron Wilson says:


Dois Mascote says:

Br nessa porra?

Carlos Francisco ÄK says:

The perfect som

Kayla Is Kawaii says:


ItYoGurl S.K says:

What I sing in the shower when my crush dates me for an hour and then dumps me😢 😭

Sophia Erives says:

He's Always SO Deep
But This Is By Far The Deepest

Bassant Alyoussef says:

I feel the pain in his voice 💔

Xx TempBadger x X says:

This is the best song EVER!

Villa'till idie says:

Love this new weeknd vibe!

Kyra Parker says:

I love him so much 😊

SHY GURL says:


Stefano Denev says:


Jaden Bauer says:

*when times we're rough*💔😢

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