OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

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Listen to “Hawai’i ’78” from IZ here:

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Get IZ’s New Album, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Best of Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole”:

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole’s Platinum selling hit “Over the Rainbow” OFFICIAL video produced by Jon de Mello for The Mountain Apple Company • HAWAI`I

Official Website:


Ad van Dartel says:

jammer dat hij er niet meer is zijn muziek is echt erg goed

THE28REDS says:

U Will be missed. RIP

ItsCoolForSchool says:

Just cause your big does not change your personality you have great spirit you died as great man

tobias 2009 says:

puto gordo de mirda

Blanca Castro says:

Rest in peace my friend this song makes me cry its so sad

Dale Swartzentruber says:

This song is suppose to hit 1 Billion views by 2020. Born a legend always a legend.

Dr. Mike says:

Oh why oh why can’t I…..

kala kaohu says:

Love this man's song ever since I was a kid, rest in peace & keep sharing your aloha, though the rainbow and though our hearts

Cody Time says:

hauʻoli lā hānau bradda Iz

Yoran Reinders says:

I will always cry to this

ChunkyLover69 says:

Little known fact, that's actually a regular sized guitar not a ukelele

wayne smalls says:

just 6 and a half million more views for half a billion views, c,mon people do it for the IZ . . . peAce

Doctor Clown says:

It's not goodbye, but rather a see you later. This is not a suicide phrase.

Thiago rbrtrichard says:

Rip rainbow


my god i didn’t know he sing the song and i dint know he die

Duquaine Martial says:

Je t'aime mon amour

Duquaine Martial says:

love you my dear

gaming Jaguar says:

Rest in peace

Duquaine Martial says:

Je vous aime mes fleurs

AEGON says:

Rest in peace.

nalu fisher says:

Amazing song, makes me proud to be a Hawaiian 🤙🏾

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