Nice Guys

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Two losers take a “how to pick up girls” class and realize that Nice Guys finish last which results in the ultimate douches.

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Cathy Nguyen

Kina Grannis

Andy Lange recorded and produced the music. See how he did it in his “Making the Music” video here:
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Aaron Hernandez says:

Last part was so funny

Ryan : now let me speck your lagueg cow go teehee

Leopard Man says:

Datrix at the end

Zulfiqar Ali says:

lonelyisland rip off ??

Gaurav Deori says:

Love the you lie 😁

anne nguyen says:

I be jamming to this at 3 in the morning

Akalaider XD says:

Why is there also a girl in the class?

Summer Smith says:

Why the fuck would a girl attend on a "how to pick girls" class

Tinga Zinga says:

So am I the only one commenting on how good the song is?

Austin Kue says:

76,073,090 views in May 2018

Xochitl Markey says:

Is that Georgie at the end?

yo what's up Boii says:

This is still a damn bump

QWERT Y says:

Makes me cry

Roa21 says:

Lol! I remember listening to this with my brother and cousin, we haven't understoon shit cuz we are from Europe lol like with 5 years ofc you don't know english but still cool song lol

SidTV25 says:

Oh hello old Youtube.

Adrian Hernandez says:

My Child Hood & Memorys… goodbye 🙁

Tomoko The_queen says:

I honestly really like this song…

Ares Jay says:

“She means the world to me” We need more boys saying this to their gyals!

nanzeeba ibnat says:

still love his old videos

INT Flame says:

I remember watching this shit 6 years ago lmao I actually hard fuck with this song, I fucking miss kevjumba and ryan’s still on top of YouTube 🔥⚡️❤️

yo :v says:

I'm so fucking old

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