Coldplay – Fix You

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키퍼퀸 says:

this song is actually really good, but since it turned into a meme now i cant listen to it the same way…. :'(

Kyle Burko says:

How music was meant to be.

Renato Jovelino De Queiroz says:

Olha essa música é muito foda só de ouvir nós leva para outra dimensão 2018

felistas zvanyadza Mashoko says:

Beautiful and very deep
Love it

Dave Lister says:

Someone fix me !

Altirix says:

The meme can be funny.
But there are a bunch of people who suffer with loneliness, sadness, bullying, and failure. This is a relatable song to all people. Everyone makes this as a meme, but give coldplay respect. This can be a serious video for some people. This was a very relatable and amazing song.

Ida Meta says:

Those 27k dislikes dont know the real music!

Mary Philome says:

merci beaucoup 😘❤❤👍

Arpit Karnatak says:

Literal chills when the crowd sings

Jake says:

When I was A diehard coldplay fan. They may not be the same anymore, but damn they had some good songs.

Hamster Girl says:

Coldplay is the best

Colleen R. Hanley says:

Bryan. Derrick. Sophia. 💖☘️💖☘️

Ady Reksa says:

for a 7 year and without someone special for me
just listening to you sing this song I feel fixed , maybe for a while but thx u chris

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