Bazzi – Myself (Official Video)

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Director: Daniel Henry

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* melike says:

I love baby💕🇹🇷

yogesh badola says:

Hyyyy bazzi u r awesome man🔥🔥

Nhi Supy says:

Kết mỗi đoạn đầu

Miss ZANA 97 says:

im better by ma selffff… ma selfff 💃💃💃..
i play this song every morning when im wake up..

bruhitzhannie 22 says:

I really love your voice it’s one of a kind🤤🤤😍😍

Grahamy MD says:

I was looking for NAV Myself.

AndyPsycho KDMC says:

Mala tu wea

Phạm Quỳnh says:

Tik tok mang tôi đến đây 😂😂😂

DipDeepDope says:

There is no second time baby

Jam1438 Steck says:


power blue says:


Teresa Perez says:

“It’s like you’re running in place.. how you keep staying the same” 👍🏼🏆

Lenia J. Torres says:


Wahyu Achmad Channel says:

I really like this song, really nice to hear but why imi song is not much to see .. unfortunately 😶

Ariez says:

I'm a young rapper and I feel as if I'm underated. Gimme a peak?

M6GAMING says:

Thank You Meme

KiNg ShArK says:

Bazzi my dad a big fan, personaly I love the song bazzi mine

ZodiacPluto says:

One of my favorites off the album !! 🔥🌠
I think anyone is better by themselves but everyone longs for that special someone .

Alex andra says:

Marry me baby 👅

Alexander Cruz says:

But but baby i

Alexander Cruz says:

It's like im running in place

Arianna Brown says:

i think im loosin my mind, tryna stay inside the lines, love that part

Carla Gonzalez says:

you are awsome cool sings you make

Chibi Tatsu says:

He looks like a cross between Sam Smith and Zayn Malik 😂

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